The write equipment!

ErgoSlate™ Features:
The unique contour design fits hands comfortably and naturally for a more secure grip. A practical assortment of user definable checklists are available with your logo or other graphics added free!

Diver Checklist for underwater writing
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ErgoSlate Checklists for scuba diving

Custom Dive Slates and Checklists

Welcome to featuring the ErgoSlate™ family of dive accessories. Ergonomically designed, these dive slates come available with an array of stock diver checklists that can be imprinted with logos or graphics at no additional charge. It's an exciting concept that can attract attention in a retail setting or provide advertising for a dive club, business or for special events.


ErgoSlate™ was first introduced at DEMA in 2001 with great success. It has received wide acclaim for it's concept and design, and with full color capabilities, has proven to be a winner in Scuba equipment! Whether it's for the experienced diver or used by a novice, ErgoSlate™ is a valuable asset and handy tool to have. Need to communicate in a wet environment? need the write equipment!.

Look for ErgoSlates™ at your favorite Scuba Retailer and Dive Centers all over the world.