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Customized Checklists and Slates

Logo on a checklist

Why not have your name in front of those using slates? We'll add your logo or custom graphics to any of our checklists or ErgoSlates™ at no additional charge.

Have a special need for something other than checklists? We can customize your slates in a variety of ways. Most changes and additions are absolutely free unless extensive time or artwork is involved. Contact us to discuss the possibilities!

high altitude dive chart

ErgoSlates™ can be printed with full color photos for special effects or for informational purposes. This example shows charts used in high altitude diving for those who enjoy the mountain lakes. It keeps important information handy and readily available. Other uses might include photos for identifying indigenous fish and plant life in a certain area.

shipwreck diagram

A popular choice for customized slates includes diagrams of shipwrecks with notations on points of interest and other identifying marks and areas of the ship. If you can provide the diagram or any other artwork, we can put it on a slate!

Customized Dive Slates

Charts and mapping tools specific to your organization or project can be imprinted with just text or special graphics to suit your individual requirements. Record fish size and density or other important statistical research.

Need to measure something? We can add rulers to the side. The possibilities are limited only by one's imagination!