The write equipment!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:What discounts do you offer?
As a manufacturer and wholesaler, we offer a discount to qualified stocking retailers. If you are a club, instruction facility or a business entity looking for promotional goods, please contact us for a quote based on your individual needs. There is a minimum purchase of $150 required. Sorry, we do not sell individual slates. Please contact your favorite dive retailer for single purchases.

Q:How Can You Offer My Logo or Custom Graphics For Free? What's the Catch?
There is no catch. We use a digital printing process that does not require costly and time consuming pre-production set-ups as with traditional printing. We've decided to absorb the cost of entering your digital graphics into our system to get you started with ErgoSlate. Certain additional services may require a slight surcharge if necessary.

Q:What Process Do You Use?
We use a digital printing process that transfers the image to a special plastic in full color at very high resolution. Its permanent, durable, waterproof and UV stable. This process leaves the surface perfectly smooth for writing. There are no raised printed ink lines or embossed edges to snag your pencil.

Q:What Are the Physical Dimensions of ErgoSlate?
The ErgoSlates measures 4"x7" and are used for all stock checklists. ErgoMaster (artist's palette shape) measures 9"x11". Custom shapes and sizes are available up to 15"x18" with minimum orders. Please contact us for details and pricing information.

Q:What Digital Files Do You Accept?
We can use .jpg, .tif, .gif, .eps, .bmp, Adobe Illustrator (.ai), Adobe PhotoShop (.pds) or CorelDraw (.cdr) files. These can easily be sent as email attachments or on CD, zip disk or diskette through the mail. Where possible, graphics should be at the desired print size with a resolution of 300 ppi. We can sometimes use an image from your web site if its not too small of a data file. We'll let you know. A high resolution copy or vector image is always best if available. We can also have custom artwork designed to your specifications for an additional charge.

Q:I Don't Have Digital Art. What Can I Do?
Send us your business card, letterhead or brochure; anything with a good image on it. We'll scan it for you at no additional charge. We'll also edit your image for color balance and sharpness and email you proofs before manufacturing. If you don't have an image to scan we can design a logo or graphic image for you at an hourly design rate. Please contact us for more details.

Q:Can You Make Custom Shapes, Sizes and Designs?
Yes. We offer a full design and production service and can manufacture any idea you have up to 15"x18". Custom shapes may require minimum quantities.

Q:How Do I Place Orders?
Orders can be placed by Email, Mail, Fax, Phone or by using our on-line order form. Initial orders will require that you supply your artwork or digital files for entering into our data base. These designs remain your intellectual property. There is a minimum order requirement of $100/net wholesale. Orders can be pre-paid by credit card, company check, Paypal or money order. Open Accounts are available to select businesses and concerns only. Please inquire if interested.

Q:Can I Put a Photographic Image on a Slate?
Yes. Our process prints full-color photographic images beautifully at 1440 dpi resolution.

Q.Can I Order Slates With Printing on Both Sides?
Yes. You can add whatever you want to the back of ErgoSlate with an additional surcharge.

Our web site is filled with ways that allow you to interact with our product. We offer logo and graphic additions to our basic product at no extra charge unless extensive re-designing is required. That's a revolutionary stance for a manufacturer to take, but we feel that's where e-commerce needs to be in the 21st Century. Tell us what you want and we'll make it for you. Pretty simple really.

Q.Can these slates be used for other purposes outside of diving?
Absolutely. There are Fire Departments using custom slates for recording information in the rain and wet environments. Get your best ideas in the shower? A slate works wonderfully for jotting down notes before they're forgotten. If you need to write anything where water is involved, a slate may be your answer!

Q.Do you offer custom imprinting on other items?
Yes, we have the capability of offering other specialty items for your store, club or special occasion. We can put your logo or other graphics on mugs, shirts, tiles and a wide variety of other items.