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Our classic 4"X7" ergonomic shape comes with your logo or graphics added free of charge. There is not a large minimum involved and no set-up charges unless artwork services or excessive extra time is involved.

Most digital graphics are acceptable for use (please see our FAQ or Order page for more information), but we can also scan your busines card or other graphics. Slate backs are generally unprinted and function as regular dive slates underwater. If desired, the backs can also be printed for a slight surcharge.

All ErgoSlates™ come complete. Take a look to see what you get.

We also have extra accessories and replacement parts available.

$12.95 / MSRP


A Checklist for Underwater Photographers.

ErgoPhoto is designed for anyone intent on improving their UW images, especially serious amateurs and pros who often use multiple camera systems on site.

Please note that all of our checklist designs are offered as starting points only. There is never a charge for rewording any of the entries on our stock checklist designs to suit your needs.

In fact, the total slate can be customized as well. ErgoSlate™ is an attractive tool that can be used for information purposes as well as for writing. Take a look at some of the Customized Slates and Checklists.

$16.95 / MSRP



A Premium Checklist for beginning divers who calculate Repetitive Dive Groups manually.

Its also a great general checklist for keeping track of dive sites, dive buddies, emergency contact information and diving conditions.

$16.95 / MSRP


ErgoPlanner 2

Lines and Grids with Time, Gas and Depth notation. Designed for divers who want a bit more flexibility in a checklist.

$16.95 / MSRP


ErgoPlanner 3

Less is more. The ultimate dive slate for the seasoned diver. Just lines and grids. Fill in whatever you want to track on any given day.

$16.95 / MSRP



A Checklist for Dive Instructors.

Track students and skills during pool and open water training. ErgoSkill is printed on both sides for tracking up to eight students and thirteen skills.

$18.95 / MSRP
PlainJaner Slate


Just about sums it up. Our ergonomic shape in a plain vanilla package.

Simple is sometimes best, but a dive slate that can be used by anyone!
No checklists, no charts, no frills...just slate!

$10.95 / MSRP



Artists have had this one figured out for centuries.

This large 9"x11" dive slate is ideal for many applications such as Dive Instruction, Mapping and Scientific Study. Holding it across your inner forearm like an artist's palette produces a very secure grip for writing underwater.

If you have a custom grid design or mapping template in mind, we can apply it to ErgoMaster.

$29.95 / MSRP

Dive Slate retail display

A Proven Winner!

We know that ErgoSlate is a good seller in a retail dive environment.

Our growing list of International Clientele shows that there is strong customer attraction to ErgoSlate's Unique Shape, Easy to Understand Checklists and Bright Color.

You win with every sale or promotional use of ErgoSlate, the world's only dive slate that offers your full color logo or custom graphics for free.

Here's what you get plus accessories and replacement parts.

Remember, all of these ErgoSlate™ designs can be customized with your logo or graphics!