The write equipment!

What you get.

What you get

ErgoSlate™ comes Complete with a Synthetic Lead Pencil designed to hold up under water, a Latex Rubber Pencil Tube, Webbed Strap and ITW Nexus 1" Quick Disconnect Buckles. There is nothing else required for use.

ErgoSlate™ comes poly bagged for retail in a carded display package.The back includes diagrams for easy attachment to a BCD or like apparatus and is compatible with other 1" Nexus buckles.

Additional accessories:

extention strap


A 24" long extension strap for all ErgoSlates™. It snaps between the ends of the quick disconect buckle that comes standard with all Ergoslates™. Its adjustable to any length you want.

$5.95 / MSRP

Replacement Pencil

A Replacement Pencil with 12" Latex Rubber Pencil Tube for all 4"x7" ErgoSlates. An 18" latex pencil tube is supplied for ErgoMaster at the same price.

NOTE: Regular Lead Pencils do not work well with ErgoSlate. Our pencils are custom manufactured using a synthetic lead and wood barrel. They write black but can be cleaned with your fingers while diving, and they won't turn to silly putty after a few dives!

$3.95 / MSRP